Product Sourcing

We sit at the world’s factory, China. We source the A to Z of gemstones, jewellery (Platinum to Alloy), watches (fashion to premium Silver watches), fashion accessories, lifestyle goods and cosmetics. Our sourcing team is always on the lookout for new products, gemstones and deals by which we give exceptional value in all the products that we source or manufacture, we are in constant touch with gemstone miners and manufacturers all over China which gives us an upper hand on getting best costs and best quality.

Vendor/Supplier Relationship

One of our core strengths are our vendors who for us are more partners than vendors. We treasure all our vendor relationships and strive to grow together. Constantly educating and helping our vendors to upgrade themselves per market trends builds faith and gets us best prices keeping our quality standards on top.

Manufacturing & Product Development

Product Development is our major strength, with our design, CAD and development team we create unique and exquisite products which is supported by the in house manufacturing we have in Shawan prefecture of Panyu district in Guangzhou, China thus providing the best designs and products to our customers are the best possible value.